What is PeterPlanner?

PeterPlanner is a course prerequisite tracker and scheduling tool for UCI students. The best way to describe this web app is:

PeterPlanner = DegreeWorks + UCI General Catalogue + WebSOC + AntPlanner

Here’s a more in-depth list of things PeterPlanner offers over other solutions.

In a nutshell, PeterPlanner basically saves you from jumping back and forth between all of these different tools by offering those features all in one place.

Why PeterPlanner?

Most of the other solutions created to improve the course enrollment experience felt lacking in some areas, so PeterPlanner hopes to fill those gaps. Take a look at What is PeterPlanner? to find out what makes this web app unique.

How does this work? Is it safe?

When clicked, the bookmarklet you install basically takes the cookies from the DegreeWorks page in order to fetch the XML file that DegreeWorks uses behind the scenes. The cookies expire and become unusable after a certain amount of time (set by the UCI login page), so that it’s impossible to have access to anything else after that point. Essentially, you’re only giving the app a one-time access to your account to fetch this file.

On top of that, all of the code is available on GitHub, so users are free to see exactly how and where their information is used.

Who is behind this?

PeterPlanner was made by a small group of friends as part of a quarter-long project for In4matx 151 (Project Management). Nicolas Gomollon is the main person building the web app, with help from Andrew Mehta, as well as contributors on the various GitHub repositories for this project (peterplanner.com, peterplanner, peterplanner-download, peterplanner-parse).

Why aren’t my classes updating?

If you are currently taking classes and PeterPlanner does not reflect that, you might need to run the bookmarklet again. Once run, the server will fetch a new copy of your profile with the updated data from DegreeWorks.